Armistice Day

The most impressive video I have seen about a War Mash up… Dexter Sumner , I really feel honored to be your friend and the insight you gave us about Armistice Day ..and thank you for the credits in the video with Deltona Records Recording Studios and Frank Starchak with beats of Thunder and Rain by Ingrid Smith, the support of Thirl Hupp, photography and Debbie Newlen and Michael Winter and especially the co writer Jack Scannell …Also involved with this video we THANK V-Transmission for song “Silence the Guns”


Music All Together

“Music’ All Together” ….. An Open #Indie Movement with Dawn & Phil.
Special Guest : Eclipse the songmaker aka Ingrid Smith
Twice a month a Video Show + Chat about the #Music #World and of course with special Guests……
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Music 4 Mexico



Do to an OVERWHELMING response for all the volumes of MUSIC 4 MEXICO, Dead Sea Records will print ALL FOUR volumes simultaneously. The full 75 band-320 minute package will be available IMMEDIATELY and can be ordered through

Volumes 1-4 can also be ordered individually. Thanks to everyone and every band for participating in this charitable cause! Hats off to you all. Cherie KauslerKathleen Holstead Fer Del Callejo Bob Gilmore Keith Stixx Alison MassonJacobo Winterdal Sievan Siewsarran Skum Love Chuck Haven George Gregory Scott Moller Jason Bonsangue Bill Giannattasio Drew Petropoulos Wes Sanders Johnny Saldaña Mike Maurice Guerrero Mike Lopez Mike Heller Baffo Neto Kenny Ravage Enriquez Orlando Anthony Garcia Trevor Moat Evan Mitchell Rodrigo Suarez J Carlos GuerreroCarlos Cruz Carlos Chain Jess Gilmore Erik E Martínez Enzo GalliumRuben Crash Freddy Contreras David Magallanez Nathan Young Dubero Marlon Naim Ruiz Jay Pinnick Jason Tyler Brandon Holcomb Larry Hernandez Roland Banks Bong Man Mick Michaels Raven Black Ryan Cox Rc Torres Luis Diaz

Please Pass on this Post for all to give aid to Mexico citizen’s and make this smashing great gig a SUCCESS.

Spreading the musical word by RIFF– 


Radio Indie FreeForm

R.I.F.F.’s core purpose is to bring down the house, and represent International Indie music artists who act as a broker for themselves, and forego the expensive costs, as well as smaller income, of Big Labels. We are a Radio Station that basks in the richness of educating, gathering, and promoting Independent Indie music over the Internet airwaves free of charge. RIFF makes no money off the artist!
Even though we are a Cyberspace Station who airs Indie Music, we pride ourselves in linking the right trustworthy, and cost effective businesses to the struggling Musical Artist in hopes they will find the right aid on their pathways in this day and age of high Technology madness.
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Now then shipmates old and new, if you have been following our progress of late, you will all know that we have been busy spreading and working with some good friends in the States, so now we have started a crowd funding campaign to generate a little bit of income to help to take us to the next level, we hope all of those who continue to support us will help us out in a small way by simply spreading the word and spending a little bit of your hard earned sheckles, we will soon be offering advance CD orders and other merchandise, therefore pledges are most welcome at this point. So please continue to watch this space for updates, thank you to all those who sail with us, love and respect always  xoxo Andrew Boucher

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[Review] Ingrid Smith – UP UP “the song has a lot of power”


Ingrid Smith’s single and collaboration ‘Up Up’ is yet another example of her creative freedom, of her unique sense of storytelling and approach to expression. The electronic element of the track gives it something of an eighties dance mood, the progression adds to this greatly and the sudden gear shift as the beat hits full throttle showcases a characterful take on song structuring.

Rhythmically the song has a lot of power, the overall energy and vibe given off by the music keeps that classic mood alive from start to finish. Referring again to the song’s structure, the variation between vocal parts adds something unexpected, it surprises you, yet cleverly the return to that melodic hook holds additional strength following these unusual moments. And it’s a huge hook, once again – the artist knows how to write songs that sink in the very instant you hear them, and at the same time her individual artistry is always at the core of the sound. Her voice is immediately recognizable after hearing just one track, and despite the categorical differences between the style and sound of her different releases, there is a distinct thread of artistry that also holds a certain sense of familiarity.