Radio Indie FreeForm Featured Artist: Jeff Dembiak

Jeff Dembiak

Featured Artist: JEFF DEMBIAK

Genre: pop, pop rock, alternative rock, hip hop, blues and funk

Hometown: New Jersy, USA/ Bass Player

Jeff started the business in 2010 and is a professional bass player/song composer/producer who has played in many signed and unsigned bands over the years and has vast amount of experience in song composition, recording, production, marketing and management.

Song ideas are initially developed from Jeff’s bass riffs and are then brought to his producers, network of singers and musicians to work on them to get to a final product. Jeff collaborates with many skilled producers, artists (singer/songwriters), musicians, and sound engineers to create and record songs, then go to market with them.

Songs are developed on an on-going basis with fresh ideas, new artists existing singer/songwriters and musicians. Creating different styles and working in various genres of music is essential to attracting a wider industry audience and artist base. They specialize in pop, pop rock, alternative rock, hip hop, blues and funk.

J.J. Dembiak Music Productions, LLC, creates, composes and records songs to license to the Film, TV, Gaming, and Publishing industries. They also market their songs to recording artists through record companies and artist management groups.

J.J. Dembiak Music Productions, LLC, has placed songs on TV – Chasing Life on ABC Family Network, Erin Simpson Show in New Zealand, in retail stores in Italy, and an internet commercial for the Moteo Group – Peugeot City Star Bike. They are also signed to three music libraries which help sell Dembiak Music to many industry channels.

Radio Indie FreeForm THANKS this “Creative Music Giant”for sharing his music with our station as we foster International Independent Artist. What can we say, but Jeff Dembiak’s visualising sounds has purpose to the public of music listener’s. And continually amazes Radio Indie FreeForm how this magnificent powerhouse man stretches his brilliance with every fabulous Artist he collaborates with!  Jeff’s video on ALL his music spider webs out on YouTube. Make sure you stop by and give him lots of love, likes, and BUY his music! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Jeff for being part of our elite musical talent as we broadcast your music on a daily basis globally. We know without a shadow of doubt “You are a Force to be Reckon with!”

Dembiak Music can be heard on:


  • Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Youtube, SoundCloud , Reverbnation.
  • Internet radio stations such as and com

Dembiak Music can be purchased at:



3 thoughts on “Radio Indie FreeForm Featured Artist: Jeff Dembiak

  1. Jeff Dembiak is the perfect FreeForm spirited musician around!
    Best featured musicians and fab singers in different music categories!
    Always a pleasant surprise when he sends music for us to review!

    Music Director for Radio World Indie


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