Thank you Ingrid Smith aka Eclispe Singer/Songwriter for supporting our movement in the Wellness and Health in Horses, Dogs, Cats and more on Facebook~

BY Ingrid Smith on Facebook:

No, it’s not a rumor …..we can feel better too…..WHO ? WE? , body pain, anxiety, stress, arthritis…..you name it , the solution is right here, thank you Dawn Martinez and #RADIOINDIEFREEFORM https://www.hempmypet.com/ not only for us your best friend, also for cats and horses…check it out ….WUFF !



We proudly promote HempMyPet a trustworthy and true firm out of Longmont Colorado that helps many of our family members. Thank you Ingrid for a fun post supporting products for wellness and health~

Here is our link to keep for future shopping. We thank you kindly~


Or you can visit Radio Indie FreeForm’s website and listen to great music! Remember to click on banner for shopping with HempMyPet. https://riffradio.zohosites.com




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