ArtHub of Santa Fe New Mexico

Happy to announce a great event taking place in Santa Fe New Mexico on November 2, 2019. Sassy Del Sol aka Dawn Martinez “Slingshot” will be at this event representing Radio Indie FreeForm, SlingShot the book, HempMyPet, and more. Hope to see you there tickets are selling fast~ 74360837_139271510787356_5568826034461081600_n


Radio Indie FreeForm Supports Kush Nubit~


A raising star in the Chicago area is having an event that will be awesome~ Hope you can attend.

Interview with Indie Artist Piyali Ganguly

Let’s give it up to Chris Jaramillo from Radio Indie FreeForm who has given an OUTSTANDING Conference with International WorldBeat, Jazz, Blues, HipHop, Pop Rock Singer Piyali Ganguly.

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Back in Action “Music All Together”

Oh yes you heard it correctly “The Rising Star Ventures and Radio Indie FreeForm” are starting up and banding together to pass on information in the music world and more~

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Radio Indie FreeForm


WOW what a MERRY year we’ve had broadcasting Independent Indie Music from all over the globe. Now its time for R.I.F.F. aka Radio Indie FreeForm to become a major contender in aiding so many musical artist. Stop over to our website and check us out and DO TUNE INTO our Diverse Audio Player.

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CONGRATULATIONS “V TRANSMISSION” for becoming a Labeled Artist with Rock Avenue Records USA~


YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT~ Radio Indie FreeForm is so excited for this upcoming Punk/Alternative Rock UK Band.

Signing of a new artist to the label.
V Transmission
Andrew Boucher
Los Angeles, CARock Avenue Records, USA is thrilled to announce the signing of V Transmission and their album, COMA.
COMA – is a full length album by V Transmission. This Post Punk/Alternative release by the Oldham, Lancashire band includes the single “No More Lights” and another fan favorite “Red Cherry Smiles”.Brought to the label by (Dawn Martinez) Founder of (Radio Indie FreeForm Radio, VP of the label, (MaryAnn Hartman) knew the band was a hit. V Transmission derive their influences from early Post Punk/Alternative bands like Roxy Music,The Doors, Joy Division,Bowie,The Editors,The Cult.
Band quote – V Transmission, We are proud to say that we have signed a 2-year record contract, Rock Avenue Records USA. We look forward to what prospers from this signing and getting our music out to the world. 2019 brings both American and European tours, Follow our pages, and keep up to date with the exciting news as it happens. We look forward to meeting and playing in front of our fans!
Label quote – Rock Avenue Records USA is proud to have V Transmission on record Label. As the process of signing a truly, fully multi – talented band such as V Transmission, Alternative music will have a helpful blast in 2019. This will begin the journey for V Transmission to grow and gain the path to success, as a label, we can best say, get ready to grove again, here comes V Transmission.
Rock Avenue Records USA – 23055 Sherman Way, #5412, West Hills, CA 91308

A Ghoulish Delight

Come on in my devilish peeps and have a listen to a fun Alternative Rock set by Radio Indie FreeForm your host DJSassy Del Sol aka Dawn Martinez

The Rising Star Ventures


Here at Radio Indie FreeForm we are in DEEP partnership with The Rising Star Ventures. A brilliant communications company ready to aid the Independent Artist with their marketing, social media, and so much more.

It’s All About Indie Music


Radio Indie FreeForm is excited to be part of the change to aid the Music Industry. Please share my link we are having a Crowdfund with the loving support of The Rising Star Ventures to help the struggling musicians produce and promote their music. Be part of our Loving mission and click onto the link:

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