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Written By: Piyali Ganguly

To Think Before We Act

Dear friends, it is raining here in our mountain temperate rain forest of Western North Carolina and life is good sitting and watching the rain, listening to its sound, many thoughts, as always, go through my mind.

​Being a singer-songwriter, an artist, a thinker, ​​I often think about this, and that is, people need to quit gossiping and saying hurtful things about those with whom they have had a falling out. ​This is a sad and useless activity and I have observed this with a heavy heart in my life and in my world of music. ​There was a time when I indulged in such behavior myself and found it to be not only stressful but very detrimental to my career, regardless of whether I felt justified engaging in such behavior or not.

The arguments, fights, difference of opinion, the whatever on these lines​,​ ought to stay between the people​ (often friends, fellow artists, family members, etc.)​ going through with it. If these people cannot mend their relationship, be it professional or personal or both, then they ought to go their own way, bearing this in mind, that at least they learned something from each other, because we all learn from each other regardless! While it may not be easy at first, it becomes eventually easy to take the good that was there and dissolve the bad at the earliest chance, and this can be done by each taking full responsibility for his/her words and actions and getting to the root cause of the situation.

Bottling it up inside can be painful, in which case we can talk it over or share it with a friend we can absolutely trust and who can remain neutral and be a loving sounding board. This friend should by no means talk to another about what he/she just learned. Such behavior is not becoming of a trusted and good friend. ​For the friend, ​being neutral is very important in such cases otherwise the emotions of the hurt person can effect ​him/her​ as well in an unpleasant manner. ​Trust is very important and has to be earned, so we must know our friends well​ and respect their neutrality.​

When one turns around and starts to write on their social media pages about the “friend” they had a falling out with or talks in the same manner to whoever he/she assumes will listen to him/her, then that is a sign of a very immature and insecure human being, and it is also a very vicious and revengeful action, because those who do not know what really happened, do not know the person in question well ​enough except perhaps on Facebook only, are​ expected​ to take sides ​and some do ​and are​ thereby thrown into confusion. It makes me distrust such a human being, personally speaking, when I observe such behavior.

I feel that when we come across such drama online or find ourselves becoming a reluctant sounding board, that we pause and not judge, ​remain​ neutral, because we do not really know well the person ​talking and the person ​being talked about (unless we happen to be a personal friends, but even then), and most importantly ​we cannot really know the ‘WHY’ behind it​. We should not take sides, instead simply be and enjoy our personal friendships with both. Or just pass on by. If we are curious, then we need to find out both sides of the story and come to our own informed conclusion.

Gossiping and bitching behind the back of someone​,​ one had a falling out with, online or offline, and taking sides based on this kind of erroneous judgment, is hurtful first and foremost to the one indulging in such erroneous action, and this ancient law is always working – the law of cause and effect. So we need to be mindful.​ ​We do not want to get embroiled in other people’s business unless we know them well and are fully informed. And we do not want to indulge in such vicious revengeful acts no matter how angry, livid and hurt we are. Most of all, we must not take sides. If we must pick a side, then we must always side with the truth.

A true friend is one, who has the courage to step back, listen, think, see and speak the truth accordingly and knows to remain neutral, refraining from indulging in gossip. Wise people do not take sides, they seek the truth if so inclined. We must view all, listen to all with eyes and ears of a real lover, use our sense of discernment and always offer words of wisdom that we have actually realized from our own experiences. We must always think before we act – this is the wise and right way, which I have learned the hard way myself. ​

Gratitude, Respect, Peace and Love to you who find your way to my page. Thank you for taking and making the time to read.

– Piyali Ganguly









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“I.A.M.” Indie Amp Movement


Good morning fans and friends with Radio Indie FreeForm, I am back …. sounds familiar? It became my slogan lately, we will start a blog every week with Piyali Ganguly and myself to shed a little light into the confusing world of music, it’s bureaucracy and it’s spiritual value …I am making it as easy as possible to give some information to help all of us…. like the old saying, we are all sitting in the same boat. I have been talking, texting and emailing with so many friends in the last couple of weeks, and one of the main issues which came up is the tiredness of using facebook. Using facebook as a band, a musician, a singer/songwriter, yes and as a radio station …I am constantly making research … and here are a couple of tips ..


It’s not easy, so hold on …many people would not admit that they really don’t know much about it. So let me share some of the information I gathered, I make it as simple as possible ..

1. Like your own page ….you say WHAT ? well, if you want to see it in your news-feed with your friends, you have to like your own page …

2. Ask your twitter fans at least once a week to follow your fb fan page.

#hashtag , hashtag …. hashtag …..all your posts with your fb name and your social media accounts …examples:
#DawnMartinez #PiyaliGanguly #eclipsethesongmaker #radioindiefreeform,, if you click on the hashtag, you have immediate access, not only that …. everything comes up by clicking on hashtag, posts, photos ect ect …

4. Put your facebook URL on your business card and flyers.

5. Put a link on your personal fb page, right underneath, your profile picture

6. Put a tag on your youtube videos.

7. Update your cover photo, at least once a month or more often.

8.Ask your friends to like your fan page (but not too often)

9. Your fanpage is your business, no personal tragic information, share only positive thoughts … Have a wonderful weekend!



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Indie Amp Movement

Indie Amp Movement “I.A.M.”  will be replacing the MicLine, but not Ingrid Smith! She will also partner up with a International Mystery Indie Artist. Together their knowledge and spiritual energy will enlighten, educate, and be more stronger than ever before to bring the best information to Indie Musicians and the public.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the NEW “I.A.M.” Blog with Radio Indie Freeform.smoke (1) (1)


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Radio Indie FreeForm Featured Artist: Ivan and Randy Rane

The Rane Brothers

Ivan and Randy–The Rane Brothers-USA-New Mexico

Randy: Producer/Composer/Guitarist/Roland Guitar Synth Trumpet

Ivan: Producer/Guitarist/Composer/Keyboards/Drummer/Oil Painter/Lead Singer for the Pop Jazz Group “The Rane Brothers”

Genre: Jazz, Pop Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Spanish, Fandango, Latino

Let’s start with making it perfectly clear I can not give admiration to one talented musician without giving recognition to another! The Rane Brothers are brilliant, masterfully rounded, and well known in the music world playing Jazz. For over 30 years these two Sensationalistic polished men are a force to seriously take heed over. But hold the DOOR open… This dynamic duel just doesn’t do Jazz! These sensational musical brothers captivates their audience with STUNNING performances in promoting Spanish and Fandango guitar. In this featured Artist post I am SURE I have missed information on these outstanding musical men; however, I do hope to give lots of links to help promote our Featured Indie Artist of the Month!

I will begin with Randy doing an album called “Latino Global Warming Group.” Which was nominated for Best Latin Contemporary music by N.M.M.A. in 2007. In the Smooth Jazz department songs, the Rane Brothers release “Quicksand” and “Santa Fe Nights” which awarded the clinquant musicians in 2007 a Pop Album of the year by the New Mexico Music Awards. In 2008, “Follow the Rain” album was nominated Best Instrumental album. Produced by Randy and Ivan Rane, on this CD Ivan uses a guitar and keyboards to show off his luminous aptness. In 2009 Randy and a gentleman named Doug Frantz teamed up doing a composition by Randy called “El Pensar En Ti” this song is featured on the Album “Blame” which was nominated Best Jazz Composition of the year in 2009 by New Mexico Music Awards. Randy has been nominated for three New Mexico Music awards, Best World Beat with a song called “Saharan Princess,” Best Hispanic Contemporary song, “FlaJazz” and Best Jazz with “El Pensar En Ti”.

Randy and Ivan Rane were honored in 2010 Four times New Mexico Music Award Nominations for their Spanish Guitar in “Samba Cosita Nueva” This piece is featured by Randy’s superb talent which received Best Hispanic Contemporary. “Sailing Home” featuring Randy on guitar and Ivan on piano. This Latin Jazz fusion of indigenous rhythms song sweeps me away into a Latin American Diaspora who are celebrating the art of Jazz music in harmonious romantic flare. This track was nominated for “Best Jazz” track by N.N.M.A in the year of 2010. Randy glitters his excellence upon using Spanish Guitar with a Retro Trumpet to complete the sagacity track to perfection. Ivan creatively shines using his artfulness upon the keyboards to balance the song to sublimity.

In 2012-Winning composer Randy did a wonderful arrangement of an original composition using a Roland guitar synth on the backtracks called, “Latin Heart.” The video was produced in New Mexico by Ivan Rane. Also a song called “Earth Song” was release in 2012, this snappy fantasy sound track has Flamenco overtones that would delight a romantic dancer. This song showcase’s Randy’s sexy electrifying guitar work.

2013 – Award winning Santa Fe guitarist Randy Rane performs an original composition that includes musical ideas he performs with a Roland GR guitar synth and his Spanish Ramirez midi classical guitar controlling a Korg workstation keyboard. Mr.Rane puts these elements together live and on stage. The video was produced by Ivan Rane  (Latin Heart)

2014- Award winning Randy demonstrates his marvelous idealism called “Neck Illusions” on a YouTube Video. It truly is a soothing moment to view this wonderful artist’s whisk you away with his stunning gift! In 2015- the brother team releases several more songs. “The Last Rumba” Randy features Ramirez midi guitar and has a dynamic on command live accompaniment in this composition. This song was recorded and mixed by the incredible Ivan Rane. Together the “Rane Brothers” have produced their quality music to the public. In this mix you will hear live cymbals and electric piano were later to arete this powerful track.


2015- A groovy contemporary pop jazz track called “Sonoma” is a stupendous hit featuring Ivan Rane on the guitar and produced by Ivan and Randy. Together these talented gentlemen create an Award Winning Group called the “The Rane Brothers.”  A special thank you goes out to Jose’ Ramirez Guitars involvement with this divine track! The marvelous duel is also very interested in producing music for the film industry and have started the process of making it a reality!

I find the list can go on with these extraordinary musicians. After having the utmost pleasure to listen too all their tracks they share with Radio Indie FreeForm. I melt with dreamy excursions listening to The Rane Brother’s fusion. Radio Indie FreeForm THANKS you both for your endless respect you shower upon our Internet Station. Not only for allowing us to foster your music in Free Form style but for giving RWI a chance to expose your talents to the global world. We wish you enduring success on your path to being a “Shooting Stars!” As for Ivan make NO MISTAKE this gentleman is a force to be reckon with and is on EQUAL grounds as his brother. Here is a breathtaking piece called “The Giant Redwoods” by Award winning guitarist and composer Ivan Rane who I simply adore!

Another sweet melody by Ivan is called “Santa Barbera” this tune shows off his patience and golden tones!

Please stop by YouTube to find a vast arrange of videos on these outstanding melody brothers. Search for either Randy, Ivan or The Rane Brothers on YouTube and I am positive you will not be disappointed.  Don’t forget to give them THUMBS up on their productions! Also I have included a link that SHOWCASES Ivan’s oil painting artwork, do stop by and buy, support or admire his divine paintings. http://www.ivanrane.com/

Website: http://www.ivanrane.com/theranebrothers.com/

Blog: http://ivanrane.com/wordpress/

FaceBook: Randy:  www.facebook.com/randy.rane  Ivanwww.facebook.com/ivan.rane








Radio Indie FreeForm Featured Artist: Lorraina Marro



Singer: Jazz Vocalist

Genre: Jazz

Lorraina Marro, born and raised in Los Angeles, has performed in many of the jazz venues in town and has developed a reputation as a true talent. She was selected to participate in the Mercer/Sundance Theatre Program at the Sundance Institute in Utah. In 2004, Marro released her debut CD “You Must Believe In Spring,” and her music video “If Ever I Would Leave You,” is featured on You Tube.

It’s been a very long, slow journey for me,” said Lorriana Marro. “I’ve been singing since I was ten. I started off doing cabaret and then I did jazz. Along the way people I’ve met have not been too nice to deal with. Then in the last year, I feel like some wonderful  people have come into my life.” Marro took time, 27 years, from her musical career to focus on family, and now she’s proving to be worth the wait. “I think things are starting to roll again,” she said, laughing. “I’m in a good place and now that the kids are grown and out of the house, I’m hoping to make this my career. I’ve been waiting a long time to do it.”

Among the wonderful people were her assortment of musicians on stage, which included musical director and pianist Steve Rawlins, bassist Lyman Medeiros, guitarist Doug MacDonald and drummer Steve Pemberton. They served as a very tasty backdrop to the musical canvas that Marro masterfully painted.  She started her set with her version of “You’d Be Nice To Come Home To,” a bluesy number that featured her playful vocals and started giving the audience a sense of her playfulness and charm. She performed a Murray Grand/Elisse Boyd song, “Guess Who I Saw Today,” which would have done Nancy Wilson proud. Among the other songs she performed in her set, were “Don’t Take Your Love From Me,”  “The Grass is Greener,” and “Too Late Now.” But the best song of her set was “You’re Just Too Good To Be True,” a song that truly emphasized her penchant for entertainment, flirting with the audience to great effect.

Lorraina Marro has a light, but aggressive style to her vocals. Her personal stories and the passion of her vocals reflect the struggles of being a very talented singer with a dream deferred. She’s a true show lady and a consummate entertainer.  If you want to enjoy a romantic, but great evening of jazz with your girl or guy, make it a point to be at one of her next shows.

Radio Indie FreeForm LOVES Lorraina, we think she is ALL that and more bringing her sexy, romantic, sophisticated, classy music to the public. We are positive you will be whisked away into a dreamy world for lovers.  She takes her fans on a personal journey, for all to capture the essence of the silver lining of her soul, from love, to the triangles of relationships and starting over. Thank you our beautiful guiding light of sexy music for all that you do and bring to Radio Indie FreeForm. May the heavens above pave your music path with Stars! To us you already hold the title of being the most vivacious woman on Radio World Indie. We thank you for recognizing R.I.F.F. is worthy to play your music. Below are links to view, buy, listen, and download.









Radio Indie FreeForm Featured Artist: Ingrid Smith



Genre: Electro Music, Jazz, Pop, Alternative, Native American

Singer, Performer, Lyrics Writer, Jewelry Designer

Independent Indie Artist

BIO:  Born and raised in Germany, Ingrid Smith finds herself touring into Germany, Turkey and Greece for 10 years with the Blue Light Combo band as Singer and Drummer. The Marvelous Entertainer of World Music moves to Spain with her husband (Chuck) where her daughter (Angela) was born. Ingrid worked for Guver Sa, a jewerly making company.  Shortly she moves to Greece and then to Austria to work for Bobs special tours. Ingrid came to the USA to work in the Tour Industry business.  The creative artist begins a career as a Radio Host on station WJNO West Palm Beach.  Later on, she changes stations and worked for WRMF in Lake Worth for 4 years.  In the mean time the musical artist involves herself in several programs; one called, “Beyond the Supernatural” with Tom Guttmann. Ingrid syndicates nationwide two other programs called, “Teen Spirit” and “Lifestylel of the 90’s” with Andrea Mundell.

Even though she worked in radio, the sexy whimsical an ambitious woman keeps in touch with her love for music. She eventually moves to Orlando Florida and is now the Owner of Gem Creations SA with Son In Law, Tom and daughter Angela. Location of Business is at the Disneys Hollywood Studios, Indiana Jones. Where Ingrid sells her 20th century jewerly craft to the public.  Presently, the vibrant rocking singer works on musical projects with Deltona Records Recording Studio in Deltona, Florida. For several years the saucy zesty female floods the music market with her songs.  Not only does she write her own music, she is a Talent Scout for the recording studio. In the year of 2013, the vivacious Indie Artist releases her album called “Fire and Ice.TV” on UTube, Fandalism, SoundCloud and Reverbnation. The next album to follow on February 1st 2014, recorded at Deltona Recording studio called “Eclipse.”  Ingrid’s premiering and feat. with Sarah Starchak, and composition of Michael Winter goes viral.

RIFF adores this swinging hip star. Every day the beauty brings to Facebook her playful contagious spirit as we broadcast to the heart of the world.  And if that don’t beat all, the sparkling song singer knows how to Cross-promote RIFF as we foster outstanding Indie music talent. We thank you Ingrid for all the love you bestow upon us, and only wish the best and success for your incredible music career! Kiss Kiss our shining star, may the heavens above shower you with divine light!

Here is one of Ingrid’s Native American sounds that I admire called Thunder and Rain off the album “Eclipse.” Below are links where you can find, buy, listen to this magnificent Indie Artist. Along with music links you will find her jewerly making sites.  Make sure to give her likes and even comments on all her sites!