Radio Indie FreeForm Featured Artist: Elise Lebec



Pianist, Independent Music Composer

Genre: Ambient, Spiritual, Relaxing, Soundtracks

CEO/President of Bay Area Film Company

Elise Lebec, born Tabitha Lebec in San Diego, is an independent music composer. Lebec has been involved in numerous projects from soundtracks to albums, as well as being known for her work with Hip Chick Music, which later dissolved in order to focus on her own music and compose full-time. Lebec was interested in music at a young age. At the age of four, she began playing the piano and developed an interest in the classical genre. She was interested in pop and rock music in high school. Becoming a young traveler she visited New Zealand for two years and then it was off to Australia where in Sydney she met painter Charles Billich. That meeting ignited a fire that produced her debut album Tabitha Plays Billich in 1997.

Elise created the composition instrument by instrument on one of the very first keyboards that talked digitally to a software product called Logic. Logic at the time was brand new thing and so was the idea of recording a composition by performing it into a keyboard, which would then record the notes for you. She would compose by sitting down and designing the string section, then go back and perform the horns and then trumpet or whatever sounds she envisioned.

On her arrival back to the states, Lebec was embraced within a work-study process. Playing with such gifted musicians as Peter Bernstein, Robert Johnson, and Pat Robinson to name a few. The projects were a blend of writing and recording various sounds. Out of those years a new CD release was to take shape in 2004, “Back to Innocence”, again under her birth name of Tabitha Lebec. At that time she returned to her roots on the piano and changed her name to Elise Lebec. In 2006 her new identity and new sound took form in her release of Possible Dreams” “Impressions of a Solo Piano”

Lebec is currently working on a film called Sum Total of Our Memory directed by Barbara Klutinis. As Per Elise’s point of view from her Blog 2014: “I like working with Barbara because she comes from the real aspect of film making to tell a story or to work out a personal issue. I think most great films are made to get a larger viewpoint on a subject that is bothersome and/or inspiring. I think the music for this film turned out to be beautiful and not too mushy, which is good. There are moments where you get to truly reflect on the subject matter in a different way than most films. Barbara uses abstract imagery to convey what it must feel like to be someone with Alzheimer’s. The music in these scenes takes you into that imagery and lets you wander about without leading you too much. All in all I am looking forward to seeing it on the big screen. Next, I am doing the sound efx for another indie film about the Wyoming Cowboys. I do like the variety of my job!”


Here are a few of her Albums that are out and ready for the public’s ear to listen too.

Tabitha Plays Billich (1997), Post Pop Federation (1999 EP), Back to Innocence (Self) (2004), Possible Dreams (Lebec Entertainment, LTD) (2006), Heart Song (July 2015)

I am totally captivated by this Cloudless instrumental piece by Elise and David Darling. This song “Heart Song Avec Cello” is on her Heart Song debut Album.

Elise Lebec has been a blooming asset to Radio Indie FreeForm as she shares her Indie music with us! Her music is heard constantly during our Falling Indie broadcasting with Lucio Urbano Monday-Friday 9am to 10am, MST. Every time we hear her music we are whisked away into her Dream land of beauty, peace, love and respect. On YouTube this talented pixie’s music is loaded for all to view and listen. TONS of her sensational music pieces charms the soul and heart. We at Radio Indie FreeForm is honored by being part of her refined Indie pictorial. There isn’t a day that passes Elise graces our airwaves with her symphonious piano music. Thank you Elise for being part of our ELITE Musicians of Independent Indie Artist. We bask in your breathtaking ambience. Below is all the links you can buy and listen…DO GIVE THIS Delightful Indie lots of love with thumbs up and leave a comment to her pieces. I promise, you will NEVER be disappointed marveling at her craft!~




Radio Indie FreeForm Featured Artist: Yvonne Jay or Yvonne J


Genre: Jazz/smooth Jazz,  Professional Singer/Songwriter


Yvonne was born and raised in Dundee, Scotland in a household where music was ever present and it was only natural that, exposed to this environment, the girl was singing from an early age. There is an earthy grittiness in the Scots which spawns great, soulful voices. Annie Ross, widely regarded as the greatest female jazz singer ever, Maggie Bell, Frankie Miller, Rod Stewart, the list is endless and Yvonne J is certainly no exception to that list. At the age of 16 she turned professional under the stage name Susan Childe and fronted her own band called the Flamingoe’s and began a residency at, what at the time was Dundee’s premier nightspot. Almost instantly, the diminutive teenager with the huge, soul drenched voice and dynamic stage act was packing the nightclub. Her followers were of both sexes. When she was bathed in stage lights, the audience in the darkness of the nightclub, many of the women, escaping from the social darkness of depressing, deprived lives, Yvonne engaged with them, forged a friendship and gave them hope and inspiration in a similar way that Tina Turner fulfills that role. From the springboard of the residency Yvonne began performing throughout the U.K., Europe and USA, all the time fine tuning her craft both vocally and performance.

Radio and TV appearances quickly followed appearing with major Scottish celebrities on regional TV stations, moving to the major national stations and eventually worldwide appearances. She did “The Best Disco in Town” produced by Harry Rabonowitz (‘Chariots of Fire’) for a major national network. She has also appeared on Ulster T.V. and Canal Sur, Spain. Sharing the same stage as Billy Ocean, Eddie Kendricks, Bill Fredricks and Rose Royce, Yvonne has developed into the consummate artiste, who through her range and depth of experience knows how to relate to and command attention from her audience. Great stagecraft is not a gift from God it is a painstakingly, sweating, sometimes disappointing journey, some bad gigs and double deals, some great gigs and much deserved acclaim.
“I was pushed hard to hone my craft by some great musicians” says Yvonne. “I have had a wonderful career and hope to continue to do so”. On meeting and marrying Tony Jenkins, who was serving in the U.S. Navy, Yvonne’s career took a new direction with new destinations and gave her opportunities to focus on other aspects of entertainment. “For 7 years I lived in Spain and worked as the Entertainment Specialist/Coordinator for the entire Med. for USO/DOD, providing entertainment for all Military and Families stationed overseas”. She has even hosted a live feed radio show from Puerto Rico. When Navy days were over Yvonne and Tony settled in Tucson Arz. and after some years recently moved near Dallas, Texas and Yvonne has immersed herself in
writing songs and recording them at home teaching herself recording & engineering using Pro Tools.

Yet the best has still to come. In the last year or so she has been working with other musicians to augment the sound of her tracks notably with David Clay, Rod Williams, Norm Peterson, Larry Talbot, Sam Hankins, Gino Goss and Gary Fuston to name a few. These musical collaborations have led to live appearances as a core member of IAF (Independent Music Festival) and the release of Yvonne’s CD ‘It’s All About Love’ which has already made rising appearances in soul charts in U.S.A. and the U.K. The music is sometimes, staggering; witness the sax solo in “Sunrise to Sunset” over a spacious electric piano and fabulous chords changes. Yvonne wrote the lyrics to the song working with DC Jazz (David Clay). “Dreams” is a beautiful song of loss and reflection exhibiting Yvonne voice quality at the very best. “After the Sun Has Gone Down” is a lovely Blues with Yvonne caressing the listener’s ears. Not on the CD, but also check out “Dark Blue” (Lyrics by Dave Wilson) where Yvonne sings notes which come from a dark place somewhere inside.

She is a prolific songwriter, writing and arranging all her own backing tracks and possesses a voice which wrenches emotion from your heart. We hear a soul which is drenched in emotion, love, pain, joy, loss, anger and commitment. A commitment to deliver nothing less than 100%. This is a voice which has been honed by experience not copied note for note from a favorite singer. We hear a voice, a sultry voice, which solidly and soulfully delivers some great songs. There’s a great “feel good” affect in much of her work. Listening to her sing, it’s not difficult to imagine yourself on a sun-soaked beach in Brazil or at other times sipping cocktails with a beautiful partner and gazing into the blazing sunset. If you like your soul, smooth, sultry and sexy a copy of this CD is a must for your collection. As Yvonne says “I Love this ‘Musical Journey’ I am on. Long may it last, God willing? Music is food for the heart and soul ♫

This bio was written by: Johnny Fitzgerald


Radio World Indie is totally intoxicated with this magnificent Indie Artist music.  She fills our Internet airwaves with class and style with her sultry smooth voice. Attach are a few Internet sites you can listen and follow this breath taking Indie Artist.  Thank you Yvonne J, here at Radio World Indie we are forever bless to have you share your music files.  Our dearest and deepest gratitude for being part of our list of Indie Artist and bringing your timeless soulful sultry voice to our Internet waves.  🙂 Kiss Kiss






Radio Indie FreeForm Featured Artist: HELLMUT WOLF aka The Wolfman


BIO: Hellmut Wolf aka The Wolfman

Genre: New Age, Rock, Funk, Urban, Reggae and Trance/ Dance

Occupation: Music Producer, Sax Flute Player, Music Distributor, Concert Promoter, Events Producer
Skills: Music Producer, Sax Flute Player, Music Distributor, Concert Promoter, Events Producer
Wolf Entertainment in Sydney, Australia: Director of Wolf Entertainment, multi-level music production and promotion distribution company

The Wolfman is an extraordinary artist whose career spans over four decades and four continents. He started his music career as a flute player, and then quickly picked up the Saxophone as second instrument back in his hometown Koblenz, Germany. He’s played with a variety of bands over the years and everything from small pubs to major stadium arenas. Throughout the years, The Wolfman released a variety of albums and singles, MOST self produced as an Indie Artist.  Let me say, once you heard this gentleman’s snazzy music notes you will be infected to dance, dream and become a fan!

His latest album “Snow and Heat” was done in co – production with Pavel Stepanovski, a world class producer from St Petersburg. Radio World Indie applauds The Wolfman’s loyalty in music to work with musicians globally producing many various albums.  The Wolfman’s musical drive never let’s him rest as he continually produces a wide range of new projects for the public ears. Hellmut dazzles the public with his contribution on the new album of Charles King Glenn. An album worthy to take note of having a massive killer rock riff using a bass!  Watch out Sydney and tourist Hellmut might magically trance his melody experience upon your soul if you catch him playing with Sydney’s band as a hired gun.  And just recently, The Wolfman was spotted on stage with grand master George Clinton, and has become a member of the Parliament-Funkadelic collective.  And if his busy career is not enough, he enjoys casting his musical spell at Trance parties with various DJ’s.  Eventually, he left Sydney Australia, and while producing an album in the UK last year, Hellmut decided to stay in Europe, France, and Germany as a global citizen playing at times at Paris clubs. Hellmut never ceases to amaze RWI with his global sax talent when he collides his masterful music skills with Tom Cloverfield and Frank Steffen Mueller in a project called “Escape,” who are also Indie Artist sharing their music with RWI.

Here at Radio Indie we enjoy his tunefulness on our broadcasting waves through the internet.  We are always in awe over Hellmut’s brilliant talent as he brings his rhapsody craft to share his music files with Radio Indie FreeForm. We melt with honor to have this magnificent musician affiliation: Thank you Hellmut may your path of music notes always be heard by the heavens above!  I am sure as always I have missed out on more information of this talented man’s career, but with the links added below you can further your knowledge. DJ Luciano Urbano at Radio Indie is forever in your debt as you bestow your gentle patience upon him to educate an old school man new tricks.  Radio Indie thinks you’re the “Cat’s Meow” and blissfully sexy…Kiss Kiss


My favorite 🙂 :

Here are many links you can find on Hellmut Wolfman, please make sure to give him respect with thumbs UP!!

Interview with Music2Deal member Hellmut Wolf

You can also catch Hellmut Wolfman on link below playing in a band from France:



Radio Indie FreeForm Featured Artist: Simon De-Manuel





BIO:  Solo guitar project, Original compositions. Rock, Blues, Classic acoustic rock. Writer / composer.  Simon resides in Cardiff, United Kingdom, home town boy who self-taught himself to play guitar at the age of 14. As Simon perfected his skills growing up on guitar, piano, keyboard, and bass, he stimulates a powerful force to be recognized in the Indie World of bravura.  His stinging gallantry fusion has the right formula to dazzle the public with his musical craft in the genre of Rock/Blues/Classical Acoustic.

Alternative, Blues, Classic Rock, Folk, Hard Rock, Indie Rock, Metal, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, punk, rock, classic oldies. These are the many genre’s Simon De-Manuel music dominates.  Simon is a proud Indie Artist who produces himself independently from major commercial record labels or their subsidiaries.  A process that may include an autonomous, do-it-yourself approach to recording and publishing. Simon’s favorite quote, “I am passionate to give 100% in all I do! To me if its not worth doing properly….Don’t do it!

Simon De-Manuel’s songwriting lead him to work on a full length album with Matteo Masi (Bristal United Kingdom) and Hellmut (Bretten, Germany).  Radio World Indie asked Simon about working on the album called “Keep Going,” “I played all the instruments in it except the saxophone. It was a piece of music I wrote and Massi put some lyrics to it !  I had some music I had recorded lying around so I showed him to see if he could do anything with it.”  Hellmut’s masterful skill enhances “Keep Going” album with his Sexy Sax appeal complementing a playlist worthy to admire.  I am sure I left out more about this amazing Artist’s history, but this is a start to give him our respect we care and dig his tunes.

Currently, Simon’s aptitude brings down the house with a band name Sling-Shot. Members: Laura: Vocals, Mark: Drums/Samplepad, Richie: Double Bass (Slap). Sling-Shot can be followed on Facebook along with Simon.  Sling-Shot was founded in 2012.   They’re core sound of natural, raw Double Bass with modern beats and samples, is combined with elements of Rock ‘n ‘Roll and Folk-Psychedelia form the backdrop for powerful and richly textured Vocals. “Dancing shoes required!” Sling-Shot’s creative sound falls into the genre of An eclectic mix of Rockabilly, Swing, Jazzy Drum n Bass, and a bit of Dub.  Simon De-Manuel’s smoking hot savvy wow’s Radio World Indie Internet station with his expertise and dynamite rock and roll flare.  RWI Thanks you Simon De-Manuel for decorating our airwaves with your brilliant talent. 


Here are a few links of Simon De-Manuel music, and be sure to give him a like!

A U-Tube video by Simon De-Manuel called “Sometimes”