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Written By: Piyali Ganguly

To Think Before We Act

Dear friends, it is raining here in our mountain temperate rain forest of Western North Carolina and life is good sitting and watching the rain, listening to its sound, many thoughts, as always, go through my mind.

​Being a singer-songwriter, an artist, a thinker, ​​I often think about this, and that is, people need to quit gossiping and saying hurtful things about those with whom they have had a falling out. ​This is a sad and useless activity and I have observed this with a heavy heart in my life and in my world of music. ​There was a time when I indulged in such behavior myself and found it to be not only stressful but very detrimental to my career, regardless of whether I felt justified engaging in such behavior or not.

The arguments, fights, difference of opinion, the whatever on these lines​,​ ought to stay between the people​ (often friends, fellow artists, family members, etc.)​ going through with it. If these people cannot mend their relationship, be it professional or personal or both, then they ought to go their own way, bearing this in mind, that at least they learned something from each other, because we all learn from each other regardless! While it may not be easy at first, it becomes eventually easy to take the good that was there and dissolve the bad at the earliest chance, and this can be done by each taking full responsibility for his/her words and actions and getting to the root cause of the situation.

Bottling it up inside can be painful, in which case we can talk it over or share it with a friend we can absolutely trust and who can remain neutral and be a loving sounding board. This friend should by no means talk to another about what he/she just learned. Such behavior is not becoming of a trusted and good friend. ​For the friend, ​being neutral is very important in such cases otherwise the emotions of the hurt person can effect ​him/her​ as well in an unpleasant manner. ​Trust is very important and has to be earned, so we must know our friends well​ and respect their neutrality.​

When one turns around and starts to write on their social media pages about the “friend” they had a falling out with or talks in the same manner to whoever he/she assumes will listen to him/her, then that is a sign of a very immature and insecure human being, and it is also a very vicious and revengeful action, because those who do not know what really happened, do not know the person in question well ​enough except perhaps on Facebook only, are​ expected​ to take sides ​and some do ​and are​ thereby thrown into confusion. It makes me distrust such a human being, personally speaking, when I observe such behavior.

I feel that when we come across such drama online or find ourselves becoming a reluctant sounding board, that we pause and not judge, ​remain​ neutral, because we do not really know well the person ​talking and the person ​being talked about (unless we happen to be a personal friends, but even then), and most importantly ​we cannot really know the ‘WHY’ behind it​. We should not take sides, instead simply be and enjoy our personal friendships with both. Or just pass on by. If we are curious, then we need to find out both sides of the story and come to our own informed conclusion.

Gossiping and bitching behind the back of someone​,​ one had a falling out with, online or offline, and taking sides based on this kind of erroneous judgment, is hurtful first and foremost to the one indulging in such erroneous action, and this ancient law is always working – the law of cause and effect. So we need to be mindful.​ ​We do not want to get embroiled in other people’s business unless we know them well and are fully informed. And we do not want to indulge in such vicious revengeful acts no matter how angry, livid and hurt we are. Most of all, we must not take sides. If we must pick a side, then we must always side with the truth.

A true friend is one, who has the courage to step back, listen, think, see and speak the truth accordingly and knows to remain neutral, refraining from indulging in gossip. Wise people do not take sides, they seek the truth if so inclined. We must view all, listen to all with eyes and ears of a real lover, use our sense of discernment and always offer words of wisdom that we have actually realized from our own experiences. We must always think before we act – this is the wise and right way, which I have learned the hard way myself. ​

Gratitude, Respect, Peace and Love to you who find your way to my page. Thank you for taking and making the time to read.

– Piyali Ganguly









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“I.A.M.” Indie Amp Movement


Good morning fans and friends with Radio Indie FreeForm, I am back …. sounds familiar? It became my slogan lately, we will start a blog every week with Piyali Ganguly and myself to shed a little light into the confusing world of music, it’s bureaucracy and it’s spiritual value …I am making it as easy as possible to give some information to help all of us…. like the old saying, we are all sitting in the same boat. I have been talking, texting and emailing with so many friends in the last couple of weeks, and one of the main issues which came up is the tiredness of using facebook. Using facebook as a band, a musician, a singer/songwriter, yes and as a radio station …I am constantly making research … and here are a couple of tips ..


It’s not easy, so hold on …many people would not admit that they really don’t know much about it. So let me share some of the information I gathered, I make it as simple as possible ..

1. Like your own page ….you say WHAT ? well, if you want to see it in your news-feed with your friends, you have to like your own page …

2. Ask your twitter fans at least once a week to follow your fb fan page.

#hashtag , hashtag …. hashtag …..all your posts with your fb name and your social media accounts …examples:
#DawnMartinez #PiyaliGanguly #eclipsethesongmaker #radioindiefreeform,, if you click on the hashtag, you have immediate access, not only that …. everything comes up by clicking on hashtag, posts, photos ect ect …

4. Put your facebook URL on your business card and flyers.

5. Put a link on your personal fb page, right underneath, your profile picture

6. Put a tag on your youtube videos.

7. Update your cover photo, at least once a month or more often.

8.Ask your friends to like your fan page (but not too often)

9. Your fanpage is your business, no personal tragic information, share only positive thoughts … Have a wonderful weekend!



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Indie Amp Movement

Indie Amp Movement “I.A.M.”  will be replacing the MicLine, but not Ingrid Smith! She will also partner up with a International Mystery Indie Artist. Together their knowledge and spiritual energy will enlighten, educate, and be more stronger than ever before to bring the best information to Indie Musicians and the public.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the NEW “I.A.M.” Blog with Radio Indie Freeform.smoke (1) (1)


Radio Indie FreeForm Featured Artist: Jeff Dembiak

Jeff Dembiak

Featured Artist: JEFF DEMBIAK

Genre: pop, pop rock, alternative rock, hip hop, blues and funk

Hometown: New Jersy, USA/ Bass Player

Jeff started the business in 2010 and is a professional bass player/song composer/producer who has played in many signed and unsigned bands over the years and has vast amount of experience in song composition, recording, production, marketing and management.

Song ideas are initially developed from Jeff’s bass riffs and are then brought to his producers, network of singers and musicians to work on them to get to a final product. Jeff collaborates with many skilled producers, artists (singer/songwriters), musicians, and sound engineers to create and record songs, then go to market with them.

Songs are developed on an on-going basis with fresh ideas, new artists existing singer/songwriters and musicians. Creating different styles and working in various genres of music is essential to attracting a wider industry audience and artist base. They specialize in pop, pop rock, alternative rock, hip hop, blues and funk.

J.J. Dembiak Music Productions, LLC, creates, composes and records songs to license to the Film, TV, Gaming, and Publishing industries. They also market their songs to recording artists through record companies and artist management groups.

J.J. Dembiak Music Productions, LLC, has placed songs on TV – Chasing Life on ABC Family Network, Erin Simpson Show in New Zealand, in retail stores in Italy, and an internet commercial for the Moteo Group – Peugeot City Star Bike. They are also signed to three music libraries which help sell Dembiak Music to many industry channels.

Radio Indie FreeForm THANKS this “Creative Music Giant”for sharing his music with our station as we foster International Independent Artist. What can we say, but Jeff Dembiak’s visualising sounds has purpose to the public of music listener’s. And continually amazes Radio Indie FreeForm how this magnificent powerhouse man stretches his brilliance with every fabulous Artist he collaborates with!  Jeff’s video on ALL his music spider webs out on YouTube. Make sure you stop by and give him lots of love, likes, and BUY his music! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Jeff for being part of our elite musical talent as we broadcast your music on a daily basis globally. We know without a shadow of doubt “You are a Force to be Reckon with!”

Dembiak Music can be heard on:


  • Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Youtube, SoundCloud , Reverbnation.
  • Internet radio stations such as radioworldindie.com and com
  • facebook.com/JjDembiakMusicProductions
  • dembiakmusic.com

Dembiak Music can be purchased at:


Radio Indie FreeForm Featured Artist: James Angel


Artist: James Angel Guitar/Songwriter/Singer

Genre: -Rock n Roll, Rebel Rock, Americana Rock

Independent Indie Artist

James Angel resides in London, where he strives to create great music and plays the role of being a rebel with a cause.  James Angel has been an unknown secret, hidden in the shadows of the music biz. The rocking sweetheart has now stepped forward into the bright light of music ready to move the public’s bodies to his rocking tunes. James is quickly gaining masses of online attention and is currently being played on rotation with all the established radio stations on the internet and local FM stations around the world. James Angel honed his nonconformist attitude after burning out on the music scene.  Up until just over a year and a half ago James had not been playing or recording music!  Sadly James did have a solo deal before that with a major label in the UK. Some how the record label establishment never fulfilled their part of the deal and never released any records! From there James played in a couple of French bands in Paris and more or less just stopped before putting some stuff up on line.

I want to encourage this magnificent humble artist to return what he is freaking GOOD at! There is a need out in our music world for more creative fun loving artist to strut their craft in the world of music notes. This gentleman at times can be consider an individual refusing to follow a crowd that forces you to think the same way they do,  even if it means becoming an outcast to society. True rebels know who they are and do not compromise their individuality or personal opinion for anyone. They’re straightforward and honest and they will sure as hell tell it like it is.

Here is one of my favorite tunes by James. There are many songs Radio World Indie plays and really dig by this wonderful creative man, but this song called “Jimmy Can you hear me,” gets us out of our DJ chairs just too boogie woogie to this fantastical rock song. The most recent of his music collection songs named, “Blood Motel, and Dream no More,” released in the year of 2015, is a Rock, Paper, and Scissors dream. The song’s psychedelic rock version whisks you away into another dreamy dimension ready to play the game. And if you want to really go back into time with a Cover song called “Little Sister” James, playing effortlessly engages his crowd to move their bumps to the old time favorite that Elvis Presley and Dwight Yokam had done. His album called “Crashed Remastered” is outstanding an absolutely divine to take on a long driving trip going topless in a convertible. Thank you James Angel for your endless devotion of being a groovy cat with Radio World Indie. We honor your brilliant music rock and finds you are one sexy, gentle man who will shine and rise above the charts in music. Since all you need is more exposure to let the sassy cat out of the bag. 🙂  Below are more links to capture this Hot Tamale! Be sure to give him thumbs up and lots of sugar coated love….

10647120_390608214452089_7209899256567638195_n JAMES ANGEL

a0840535369_10 (1)







Radio Indie FreeForm Featured Artist: SLINGSHOT UK



Genre: Punk, Rock, Alternative Rock, Protopunk, Garage Punk, Post-Punk, Rockabilly, Dub, and Glam Punk music

Band Members: Christine Lockhart, Vocals and Lyrics / Simon de Manuel: Acoustic and electric guitars / Mark Briscoe: Bass, Keyboards, Drums

Independent Indie Artist

Based in the UK, the band “SlingShot UK” delivers a mixture of sultry vocals, searing guitars, thundering bass and pounding drums! This dynamite band formed together in 2009, and it quickly became clear that there was something special happening in the embryonic stages of the band!  Throughout the years together Slingshot UK has mastered a TIGHT spitfire performance for all to witness! From simple, punk styled aural attack right through to sophisticated and serene pieces, SlingShot has a wealth of experience and width reflected in their material.

Christine Lockhart: brings her own creative powerful lyrics to each song.  Her sassy, sexy, spunky aura stimulates her incredible vocal melodies, and harmonies to perfection.  And if her voice doesn’t capture you, it’s her sensational theatrical energetic body moves on stage that will leave you wanting more of SlingShot’s awesome musical journey.  Christine Lockhart studied dance and performance extensively and can often be seen in all kinds of productions around the UK and internationally. This vibrant punk subculture hottie doesn’t stop with SlingShot, she also spreads her musical Indie wings as she collaborates her magical voice with the brilliant Mark Briscoe in a group called, “Violet Wylde.”  Here is a link to catch her craft: https://www.reverbnation.com/violetwylde

Simon de Manual: Playing at an early age this beastly guitarist or I like to call him a Creative Giant, blends perfectly and brings a strong underlining presence to the band SlingShot!  His stinging gallantry fusion has the right formula to dazzle the public with his musical craft on the guitar, and has honed a music high degree working with the fabulous artist of SlingShot UK.  Simon was also a Radio World Indie Featured Artist on February 11, 2015. Click to return to home page and you will find a detail write up on Simon. To us, the vivacious man never ceases to shower Radio World Indie with his brilliancy and wonderful personality. He too is an Indie Artist and has mind blowing pieces available to the public!!! http://www.reverbnation.com/simondemanuel

Mark Briscoe: This passionate man studied for over 38 years of THUMPING dynamic bass. Mark and Simon both have huge amount of experience in band performance and live productions in the studio. The talented ablaze man is the backbone to SlingShot’s pounding rhythm.  He also does solo pieces on his own whenever he can. Nevertheless, this static dexterous musician plays all the instruments, mix and produces the music in his separate project with Christine Lockhart. “Violet Wylde” the band has a memorizing Folk Rock vibe and is mostly written around the bass and vocals. Here is a link to follow and listen to both of their Awesome Sauce music: https://soundcloud.com/mwbriscoe/sets/demo 

SlingShot UK, Their debut album in 2015, “Animal Farm” was recorded in their own studio in the beautiful and inspiring Pembrokeshire countryside in Wales. Not having to watch the clock when recording gives the band the freedom to experiment and work when the time is right 24/7, this passion is clearly reflected in the quality of their songs. It’s not just about the music, it’s about the entire show! Look out for new music and live shows in the near future! This band is going to be a mighty force to be reckon with. I truly believe this band should be categorized into a vanguard of a new musical movement.


Here are two Utube videos of this smashing and thunderous band called SlingShot UK  and their songs Wingshot and Braces on their Album called “Animal Farm.”

In 2015 the band decided to team up with Wolf Entertainment believing that the “artist-centric” approach provided a creative arrangement that would be beneficial to both parties. Hellmut Wolf an outstanding musician himself recognizes this band is going to take the world by storm. He supports multiple talented musicians on his outstanding website. Stop by and check out Wolf Entertainment! http://www.wolfentertainment.com.au

Radio World Indie thanks you SlingShot UK for your endless support and smashing thumping music you share with us on a daily basis! We know you will hit the big times soon and what a grand reward for all your hard work! It has been the utmost pleasure to foster your music on our Internet Radio Station.  To us the release of Animal Farm CD is a MUST to obtain for your musical library and endless entertainment!

Here are a few links you can listen, and BUY this gleaming album! Become a fan too! You can also purchase Animal Farm on I-Tunes!





Radio Indie FreeForm Featured Artist: Amanda Bellino



GENRE: Brazilian Bossa Nova, pop/rock

Independent Indie Artist

Amanda Bellino was born in Brasilia, capital of Brazil. Since the child revealed her musical talent. She heard the great composers and singers of MPB, such as Tom Jobim, Milton Nascimento, Elis Regina and others.
Her musical training was absolutely intuitive, summing up the disks and family soirees.
In adolescence has studied guitar with Sidney Barros, better known as Master Gamela. It was him who found her good taste and knowledge of the harmony “chord melody”. Thereafter, her musical career was virtually solo.
Your learning happened in practical life. She has performed in many venues in Brazil, especially in Brasilia, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro.
Amanda has recorded a CD, “Vem Viver”, and over 100 new compositions made by her and also in partnership with many authors, especially with guitarist and arranger Dimi Costa.
Recorded in December 2012 with trumpeter American Gino Goss, the song “Voodoo Magic”. And also composed two songs with teacher Hunter Adams (Chicago), “A Kiss” and “Love’s mistery” currently being recorded for the album which will be releasing later this year 2013.
In January/2013 she recorded a new and original version of the song “Wave” by Antonio Carlos Jobim and “Berimbau” by Baden Powell, that will be part of the album “Classics of Brazilian Music.”. Also in 2013, is being produced the album “Heart of Pearl,” which includes her own compositions, such as “Mermaid”, “You’re more” and others.
Amanda compos with British pianist and composed Gabriel Atlantis (London), the song “Cold Around Your Heart”, thus beginning a great musical partnership that will certainly yield much fruit.

Radio Indie FreeForm is proud to be associated with the sexy, mesmerizing and HOT HOT Tamale.  She magnetize’s R.I.F.F.’s listeners with her alluring Bossa Nova music.  We adore her sensual energy and Brazilian fire!  Radio Indie FreeForm thanks you our lovely artist from the bottom of our hearts, we are forever grateful with your juicy beachy talent!!

Here is a cool music video published on June 2013 where Amanda joined forces with Tom Jobim.

Below are a few links where you can find this bathing beauty’s music. Please give her thumbs up, buy, and listen to her outstanding hip moving music.