Created by Ingrid Smith using her own SONG! What do you think will NASA like the video????


“I.A.M.” Indie Amp Movement


Good morning fans and friends with Radio Indie FreeForm, I am back …. sounds familiar? It became my slogan lately, we will start a blog every week with Piyali Ganguly and myself to shed a little light into the confusing world of music, it’s bureaucracy and it’s spiritual value …I am making it as easy as possible to give some information to help all of us…. like the old saying, we are all sitting in the same boat. I have been talking, texting and emailing with so many friends in the last couple of weeks, and one of the main issues which came up is the tiredness of using facebook. Using facebook as a band, a musician, a singer/songwriter, yes and as a radio station …I am constantly making research … and here are a couple of tips ..


It’s not easy, so hold on …many people would not admit that they really don’t know much about it. So let me share some of the information I gathered, I make it as simple as possible ..

1. Like your own page ….you say WHAT ? well, if you want to see it in your news-feed with your friends, you have to like your own page …

2. Ask your twitter fans at least once a week to follow your fb fan page.

#hashtag , hashtag …. hashtag …..all your posts with your fb name and your social media accounts …examples:
#DawnMartinez #PiyaliGanguly #eclipsethesongmaker #radioindiefreeform,, if you click on the hashtag, you have immediate access, not only that …. everything comes up by clicking on hashtag, posts, photos ect ect …

4. Put your facebook URL on your business card and flyers.

5. Put a link on your personal fb page, right underneath, your profile picture

6. Put a tag on your youtube videos.

7. Update your cover photo, at least once a month or more often.

8.Ask your friends to like your fan page (but not too often)

9. Your fanpage is your business, no personal tragic information, share only positive thoughts … Have a wonderful weekend!



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Indie Amp Movement

Indie Amp Movement “I.A.M.”  will be replacing the MicLine, but not Ingrid Smith! She will also partner up with a International Mystery Indie Artist. Together their knowledge and spiritual energy will enlighten, educate, and be more stronger than ever before to bring the best information to Indie Musicians and the public.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the NEW “I.A.M.” Blog with Radio Indie Freeform.smoke (1) (1) 

Radio Indie FreeForm

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Radio Indie FreeForm Featured Artist: Amanda Bellino



GENRE: Brazilian Bossa Nova, pop/rock

Independent Indie Artist

Amanda Bellino was born in Brasilia, capital of Brazil. Since the child revealed her musical talent. She heard the great composers and singers of MPB, such as Tom Jobim, Milton Nascimento, Elis Regina and others.
Her musical training was absolutely intuitive, summing up the disks and family soirees.
In adolescence has studied guitar with Sidney Barros, better known as Master Gamela. It was him who found her good taste and knowledge of the harmony “chord melody”. Thereafter, her musical career was virtually solo.
Your learning happened in practical life. She has performed in many venues in Brazil, especially in Brasilia, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro.
Amanda has recorded a CD, “Vem Viver”, and over 100 new compositions made by her and also in partnership with many authors, especially with guitarist and arranger Dimi Costa.
Recorded in December 2012 with trumpeter American Gino Goss, the song “Voodoo Magic”. And also composed two songs with teacher Hunter Adams (Chicago), “A Kiss” and “Love’s mistery” currently being recorded for the album which will be releasing later this year 2013.
In January/2013 she recorded a new and original version of the song “Wave” by Antonio Carlos Jobim and “Berimbau” by Baden Powell, that will be part of the album “Classics of Brazilian Music.”. Also in 2013, is being produced the album “Heart of Pearl,” which includes her own compositions, such as “Mermaid”, “You’re more” and others.
Amanda compos with British pianist and composed Gabriel Atlantis (London), the song “Cold Around Your Heart”, thus beginning a great musical partnership that will certainly yield much fruit.

Radio Indie FreeForm is proud to be associated with the sexy, mesmerizing and HOT HOT Tamale.  She magnetize’s R.I.F.F.’s listeners with her alluring Bossa Nova music.  We adore her sensual energy and Brazilian fire!  Radio Indie FreeForm thanks you our lovely artist from the bottom of our hearts, we are forever grateful with your juicy beachy talent!!

Here is a cool music video published on June 2013 where Amanda joined forces with Tom Jobim.

Below are a few links where you can find this bathing beauty’s music. Please give her thumbs up, buy, and listen to her outstanding hip moving music.